Pattern (PCRE)ReportScore
[\n]A package failed and has been disabled for CI using the 'x-ci-accept-failures' field\.[\n][SKIP] Failure ignored100
[\n]No solution found, exiting[\n][SKIP] Package not available100
[\n]\[ERROR\] .+ unmet availability conditions: .+[\n][SKIP] Package not available100
[\n]\[ERROR\] No solution for .+: The following dependencies couldn't be met:[\n][SKIP] Package not available100
[\n]\[ERROR\] No solution for .+: Your request can't be satisfied:[\n][SKIP] Package not available100
[\n]\[ERROR\] Package .+ depends on the unavailable system package.+\. You can use `--no-depexts' to attempt installation anyway\.[\n][SKIP] Package not available100
[\n]\[ERROR\] Package conflict![\n][SKIP] Package not available100
[\n]opam-repo-ci detected dependencies failing: (.*)[\n]\1 failed to build75
[\n]# bwrap: execvp (.+): No such file or directory[\n]\1 not found50
[\n]# Error: (.+)[\n]\148
[\n]# Exception: (.+)[\n]\145
[\n]# error: (.+)[\n]\140
[\n]# Fatal error: (.+)[\n]\135
[\n]# .+: error: (.+)[\n]\130
[\n]\[ERROR\] (Failed to get sources of .+: .+)[\n]\125
[\n]\[ERROR\] (.+)[\n]\120

In patterns, use () for match groups, ?+* to match zero-or-one times, one-or-more times, or zero-or-more times, and [\n] to match newlines.

CSV files use the header pattern,report,score.

New rules with existing pattern override previous definition.